Tips for Selling Your Home via Social Media

Times have already changed when it comes to buying and selling real estate properties. Today, people have started to use technology to buy and sell homes faster. Social media, for example, is one of the most powerful tools one can use in various real estate transactions. If you are looking to sell your house using social media, here are some helpful tips that will certainly go a long way.


  1. Start with your network – the best way to start your home selling in social media is with your network. Use your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram accounts to get the word out to your network. Post pictures and details of your home and tag your closest friends. You can also ask them to share your post and spread the word to their own network of friends. This way, your post will reach more people faster and could even go viral in no time.


  1. The local groups also matter – you can also join various local Facebook and online groups that you can tap as your market. There may be a number of groups that are geared towards buying and selling or real estate, and these are the ones that you should join. This will help your cause massively since you will be directly connecting with people whose main concerns are all about real estate.


  1. Conduct a virtual tour – another thing you should consider in terms of marketing your property in social media is conducting a virtual tour. By using Facebook Live, you can give prospective buyers a virtual tour of your property. This will save both you and your prospective buyers more time and resources, as they no longer need to physically visit your property just to get an initial glimpse or idea on how your house looks. Moreover, you can also gauge some buyers if they are really seriously considering your house or not.


  1. Announce via Twitter – When making announcements regarding your property, make sure to use your Twitter account. Blast your major announcements and updates on Twitter and use hashtags so people can easily search for your property. This is one of the most effective ways of spreading the word in a very fast manner.


  1. Advertise – lastly, you can also consider advertising on social media. The benefit this can give you is that you can choose the people you will see your ads, allowing you to focus on a particular and more specified target market.
  2. Work with a realtor who has a strong social media presence! Beverly Hills agent Valerie Fitzgerald for example has over 28,000 followers on Instagram ensuring her listings reach a vast amount of people across the world.